Saturday, September 20, 2014

Timothy Cardinal Dolan twists himself into a pretzel to defend gays marching in St. Patrick's Day Parade...

and the "Catholics" at Patheos (no link on purpose) have ramped up their support for this very, very bad decision.
NB: If you think this only a Catholic issue and since you're not a mackerel-snapping statue worshiper it doesn't affect you, think again.  Life does not proceed forward in a vacuum.  You can see this sort of thing happening in our politics, our institutions of learning, and in almost all mainstream churches.  These are not separate issues, but are intertwined to destroy our culture.
Cardinal Dolan's response to the self-identifying homosexuals marching in the St. Patrick's Day parade not only affects all Christians everywhere, but also politics, schools, and social policies. 
Elizabeth Scalia, who calls herself  "The Anchoress", grand poobah at the Patheos Catholic channel, has cranked up her nastiness to a level that rivals her buddy Mark Shea, who also blogs at Patheos.  Don't dare share a different opinion about the matter or these "Catholics" will call you all manner of names.  And when it starts becoming clear that many who comment are in disagreement, Elizabeth shuts down the comments claiming she will be gone for ten days on a retreat. 

Elizabeth, who answers comments using the moniker "MeanLizzie", certainly lives up to the mean part.  She might want to start living up to being an Anchoress by slithering off into the seclusion being an Anchorite demands.

A clue for anyone who goes to Patheos; these people earn their money by the number of  clicks or hits their blog receives.  It is to their benefit to stir up controversy, no never mind if it follows Church teaching.  Hence,
 I provide no links. I am not advocating for a boycott on these people.  I don't believe in boycotts.  If you like their sites, by all means visit them.  I choose not to.

Michael Voris beautifully sums up what is wrong with Cardinal Dolan's response  - and we thank him.  


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In which Cardinal Dolan urges a large Catholic presence in the People's Climate March, because nothing says "Catholic" more than marching with Communists, SEIU, Code Pink, and Humanists (to name just a few.)


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