Saturday, June 28, 2014

Nancy Pelosi, "ardent Catholic", makes a bunch of contradictory statements in the Rio Grande Valley......

I watched so you don't have to.

Ms Pelosi flew down to tour the "humanitarian crisis" on the border where magically, thousands of unaccompanied children from Honduras and Guatemala have somehow made it all the way across Mexico, and are now being given new underwear that's way too big for them. 

At the 4:30 mark she says, "If you believe as we do that every person, every child has a spark of divinity in them and is therefore worthy of respect."

She goes on to say that what she saw in the faces of the illegal immigrant children was "dazzling."

Yet this woman, who calls herself "Catholic", supports abortion.  How many little dazzling faces have been snuffed out before they could light up the world, Nancy?

She wishes we all could see what she just saw.  Well, we can't, Nancy, because the most "transparent" administration in the history of this nation forbids pictures.

At about 8:20, she introduces some nun to further tug at our heartstrings for this totally manufactured "crisis".

Oooops - it's all John Boehner's fault (12:20).

That's it.  I've made it to about 21:00 minutes and can't go on.

And Odumbo?  He's playing golf.  

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