Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Sneering weasel liar Jay Carney praises Obama for requesting budget increases for the VA while ignoring dead veterans... w/Update

while at the same time we hear that billions of dollars will possibly be used to bail out insurance companies over Obamacare losses.

Time for my favorite kitteh:


Hot Air:  Carney: Silly press corps, we have now entered the stop-asking-questions phase of the VA scandal


The perfect analysis in the combox:

Thanks McNorman of McNorman's Weblog!

Teh won is REALLY mad...he hurled the sippy cup (but not too far cuz he throws like a little kid).
Barry 101...

Never heard of anything. Just heard through the media that this was a problem.

He won’t stand for it because he’s REALLY mad. (visual of sippy cup being hurled)

The problem requires an investigation.

The amount of time that it takes to investigate makes the problem “old” news.

Move on

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