Friday, April 25, 2014

Before I take today off...

allow me to renege on an earlier promise to lay the Bundy racist thingy to rest.

Others, most of whom I consider more intelligent than me, have written in support of Bundy.

Francis Porretto, of Liberty's Torch, hit it out of the park with his post today.

Liberty's Torch:  The Forbidden Subject

Former U.N. Ambassador Alan Keyes said:

“I find it appalling that we basically have a history of the leftist liberalism that wants to extinguish black people by abortion [and] destroying the family structure,” Keyes told WND. “All of these things if you just look at the effects, you would say this was planned by some racist madman to destroy the black community.”
Then when somebody comes along to comment on that damage, the leftists all scream “racism,” he said.
“I think it’s time somebody started to recognize the racism that exists in its effects – the hard leftist ideology using the black community for their sacrificial lamb, for their sick ideology. It’s time we called them what they are,” he said.
“Now it’s racist to point it out.”  READ THE REST

Pat Dollard:  Hoax Exposed 

Lew Rockwell:  For Progressives, “Thoughtcrime” is Worse than Mass Murder

Gateway Pundit:   CNN Uses Cliven Bundy Interview to Take a Swipe at FOX News (Video)

Capitalist Eric:  Bundy, Bunkerville, Racism and Collectivist Desperation

Ulsterman:  Media Predictably Cast Cliven Bundy As Racist Lunatic


Les Femmes:  Clive Bundy is the Racist? No Way!

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