Saturday, February 15, 2014

The Obama's celebrate income inequality...

by showing us how the other half lives.

So where is he?

He's at the exclusive Sunnylands Retreat in Rancho Mirage knocking a little white ball around a lush golf course because, after all, he needs to relax from all the fund raising, previous vacations, and speaking at elementary schools, doncha know.

And Mooch?

Since wowing us all with her 12K dress (presented here with no comment) at the recent state dinner for the French serial adulterer and vertically challenged Hollande, she needed a rest. 

So she and the first daughters are enjoying a few days of skiing in Aspen while staying at the home of Jim and Paula Crown.

TMZ summed it up nicely:
Michelle Obama and the extremely rich collided in the air Friday ... when the Aspen Airport apparently shut down for an hour to facilitate a fun-filled ski weekend for Michelle and her kids.

The First Lady flew in late yesterday to the ridiculously in-your-face show of wealth on the tarmac.  According to the New York Post, the airport was shut down for security reasons and some private jet setters were just PISSED.

It's one of the most congested weekends of the year at the Aspen Airport ... several hundred jets descend on the ski city for the long President's Day weekend.

And speaking of presidents ... the current one was not there.  He went to Cali to deal with the drought.

It's kinda funny if some of the whiners are people who support Obama.  Like the old saying goes, "Liberalism ends where inconvenience begins."
The Clowns Crowns:

You just don't get anymore waspy looking than these two (or rich, either.) Well okay, to be fair, there are other people richer than the Crowns.  

Jim is on the board of J.P. Morgan, General Dynamics, and Sara Lee as well as being the Chairman of the Board of Trustees for the University of Chicago.  He and Paula also own the Aspen Ski Co.  He spends most of his time hanging with the little people.

Jimbo is a good buddy of Jamie Dimon, CEO of J.P. Morgan who, if you'll recall, was gifted with 25 billion of taxpayer funds under TARP.  Supposedly, they paid it back.

Now Jamie D. is buds of Rahm Emanuel and Timothy Geithner.  

Are we seeing a pattern here?

I would be happy to loan Paula some powder and lipstick.

They live somewhere around here.  No pics seem to exist of their actual home.

Paula, on the other hand, is a big wahoo in the art scene and has recently started making her very own "art" rather than just hosting fancy schmancy art shows and sitting on art boards.  She has lots of time to pursue her bliss since she doesn't have to worry about health insurance

I love her self portrait of her brain.  It would look lovely hanging in my dining room.

And here's Paula standing in front of a work she did at the Chicago Art Institute in 2012.  Lovely.  Oh, by the way, it's called "Clouds".

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