Friday, February 21, 2014

Churchill: The Gathering Storm...

is waiting for me.

I plan on reading the entire 6 volume set about WWII.  Our local library has the entire set and The Gathering Storm is awaiting my attention.

Since we are witnesses to our very own "gathering storm", I thought it important to learn more about the beginnings of WWII.  History does have a way of repeating itself. 

I'm in the habit of looking up books I plan to read on Amazon and reading the reviews.  Usually I stick to the 5-star and 1-star reviews and judge accordingly.

I found this 1-star review of The Gathering Storm rather hilarious:
Too many details are making this book quite boring. I believe a reader is not interested that much in so many detals, for instance for the operations in Norway, but more in the general points that will make the book easy and intereting to read. Probably this book might be of interest for people and experts who deal with history, but not that much for commercial reader. Seems that Mr. Churchill want to emphasize his role and his predictions about the beginning of WWII.
This is how one person replied to the above review:
This review is peevish, small and narrow-minded. This great work is not light and mindless entertainment. Churchill never "dumbed down" his books. I disagree that the Norway campaign was unneeded detail. Britain's continued existence depended on its ability to contain the Germans submarine fleets and bases in Norway in the hands of the Germans greatly increased their ability to protect their submarine pens on their northern coast. Hitler and Churchill both understood this, and acted on it. Anyone who wishes to avoid detail should read the greatly condensed version of this monumental work. 

Highly Recommended Reading for this Weekend:

Maggie, proprietress of Maggie's Notebook, has put together another wonderful post on Agenda 21.  I admire her tenacious research and if you're not up to speed on Agenda 21, she has further articles linked at the bottom on this newest one.

Since we live on five acres and I see bits and pieces of this creeping into our North Idaho paradise, I've been following this closely.  If you live in a city or suburb, the impact will be just as devastating - if not more so.

From: Maggie's Notebook:

Agenda 21 Research: Long-Sought Control of Natural Resources and Minds Through Socialism, Marxism, Communism

I find it amusing that I have commie relatives who tout the whole saving the earth garbage when they don't even own a houseplant.

On the other hand, we bought a house located on a barren 5-acre plot which was 100% covered with noxious weeds (can you say knapweed?)  Together we planted close to 200 trees, 150 shrubs, installed a veggie garden, meditation garden, cutting garden, and started a daylily nursery.

So who's really helping the environment? 

Personal Notes on Owning a Cat

When you live in the country and own a cat, it is inevitable that other cats are attracted to your property.  Our little kitty, Erica, who weighs in at a mighty 6 lbs on her fat days, is a fierce protector of her domain.

This morning we were alerted to the presence of a foreign cat when our little doggie erupted by the back slider.  There's a few rather large bully cats (at least 12 to 15 lbs), who like to cavort in our backyard.

Erica was having none of that and I spied our brave little girl, tail puffed up to the size of a raccoon, stalking the big bully cat ready to do battle to protect her turf.  I ran out and shooed the bully out of the yard.

I wonder if I would ever be that brave?

Erica the Fearless

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