Saturday, January 11, 2014

Trifecta: Getting high in the mile high state...

where are the Cheetos??

Bill Whittle has a bunch, like, man, to say - sort of, wow - is that a bird?

When I was but a wee girl in Houston we had this really cool, like super totally rad grocery store.  It was a teeny tiny place in the Westheimer district with shelves up to the ceiling and a very high end comprehensive meat area in the back.  At 3:00am it was thriving hot spot for hungry pot smokers.  You could find all sorts of exotic items to feed your hunger. Can you say caviar?

We would fill our cart to overflowing with greens of all sorts, beans, peppers, and ham hocks.  When we got home the whole mess was thrown in a huge pot while we ate 4 or 5 different cheeses and crackers, washed down with whatever was handy.

Unable to sustain an upright and locked position we usually crashed.  When we awoke, breakfast was ready.

Did this derail my life?  Well, ladies and gentlemen, it didn't improve it any, but only because this was a seldom and random occurrence.  There is no doubt in my mind that if I continued along this path a train wreck would have been the end result.

Do I think marijuana should be legal?  Darned if I know.  I do know this: putting kids in jail for years for smoking pot is a little silly. 

In all seriousness, I will say this:  I never knew (not ever) a dedicated pot smoker that didn't sit around and talk about all the things he/she was going to do while never doing anything at all.

And remember this - the pot we're talking about is not our grandparents pot.  This stuff is so hyper-loaded with tetrahydracannabinol, or THC that it renders a completely different experience. 

My hope is that if pot is decriminalized the allure of using it will fade.  

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