Saturday, January 18, 2014

Obama: "Where Congress isn't acting, I'll act on my own"...(video)

no, really - he said it.

And what's with the creepy teleprompter flicking eyes?   Are the techies at the White House too stupid to know how to set up a televised address so that doesn't happen?  I know, I know - I keep asking stupid questions.

Meantime in New York, the new commie mayor's ex-lesbian wife wants her very own office in city hall and a staff so she can pursue her "issues."


Governor Cuomo (you know - the guy who lives with his mistress) thinks conservatives, defined as those who believe in not killing babies, marriage between and man and a women is the way it should be, and would like to have a gun to protect themselves, should leave New York.

Don't worry, Cuomo, they will.  

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