Friday, January 10, 2014

Michael Voris: Is Fox News really conservative?...

Michael Voris examines the top three "Catholic" anchors on Fox news.


I don't watch Fox News.  I don't watch any TV news.  And I rarely access the Fox website. I've always found Bill O'Reilly to be ponderously boring and Sean Hannity lapses often into being a bully. 

The verbal exchange between Sean Hannity and Father Thomas Euteneuer (4:16 mark) is shocking in showing how profoundly Mr. Hannity does not understand Catholic teaching about artificial contraception.  He also makes claims that have been proven to be statistically wrong. 

And contrary to the opinion of most conservatives, I think Megyn Kelly also slips into the bully mode as a way, no doubt, to inflate her ratings, and ends up sounding nothing more than shrill.  Listen to her accuse Dr. Keith Ablow (18:20) of being a "hater" because, using Chaz Bono as an example, he thinks it may not be helpful for young people's development to lionize those people who are either homosexual or transgendered.  Hater?  When did Dr. Ablow ever say he "hated" homosexuals?  Ms Kelly sounds like any liberal/progressive preaching tolerance, et al.

A small example of what Dr. Ablow is referencing is apparent in our local high school where there has been a recent "outbreak" of lesbianism.  Girls, some as young as 12 or 13, are now openly declaring themselves lesbians.  I've identified over 80 such girls in a school of approximately 1500 students, which is statistically not likely.   It's become some sort of "inner circle" club of sorts for girls who are misfits or in great need of a clique with which to identify.  Almost everyone of these girls comes from a broken home with very little interaction or attention from a father.

Is there anyone who cannot see the connection between the positive attention our modern day homosexuals receive and this new "being a lesbian is cool" thinking in little girls?  In our present politically correct culture no one wants the task of telling these girls their behavior is reckless, unhealthy, and - God forbid, have anyone tell them it's a sin.

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