Friday, November 15, 2013

The sub-standard bare bones low quality lousy crappy no good health insurance meme...

not to mention "you're too stupid to know what it is you bought."

Go to any leftie site and you'll hear this repeated over and over, because we all know what deep thinkers libtards are.  Right?

Since we are self-employed, we carried our own insurance for many years.  We had no problem understanding exactly what our Blue Cross policy covered and what it didn't.  There was no "small print" or surprises.  None.  It was affordable and it was what we wanted.

So what makes these policies "sub-standard, bare-bones, low quality, lousy, crappy, and no good?

For one thing, they don't cover "free" abortion on demand, "free" birth-control, and our policy didn't have any maternity coverage.  Since I was in my 60's, maternity coverage was not a big issue for me. 

So next time a leftie friend (do you really have any?) repeats the above stupid ill-thought out meme, do not let them frame the argument.  Make them explain in detail exactly what they consider "sub-standard, bare-bones, low quality, lousy, crappy, and no good insurance coverage.


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