Saturday, July 20, 2013

Rallies for Saint Skittles across the nation..

Let's meet the new slave masters.  Sharpton and Jackson are the present day equivalent to the black slave traders of the past.  They have no qualms about enslaving their fellow men in order to add to their bank accounts and power. 

Let's look at some comments from the Yahoo news article, shall we?

Doesn't look like the American people are buying into this witch hunt. 

"The biggest threat to young black males IS young black males!"

"Report responsibly! Quit using the misleading photos of baby-faced Martin and scruffy-faced Zimmerman. Even the mainstream media now concedes that these photos are wrongly stirring up emotions."

"Lets quit with the "angelic" picture of Martin. Or is this just further media manipulation to enflame the racial BS?" 

"If they want people to quit being afraid of black people, they need to fix the root source of it - stop acting and behaving like thugs!"

"When are you going to show a picture of a 12 yr.old George Zimmerman.?"

"How much $$$$$$$$$ has Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton made on this hang Zimmerman rally?"

"We are seeing article after article about this because the "free" press does not feel that the majority who feels justice was just enough have to follow their opinion. Enough of these articles already. Justice was served according to the majority. Stop forcing your propaganda on us."

"this needs to go away,this is not going to solve one damn thing, obama sure did not help on this issue either, he needs to stay the hell out of it." 

"Here's the 12 year old kid again. How about a picture of the 17 year old street thug."

"So these people want to change the self defense laws so you cannot defend yourself against a drug thug who tries to kill you? Never going to happen."

"Obama is playing every single person in those rallys" 
"Something's flawed here. The black community wants the same court system that tried Zimmerman, to re-try him again for the same crime but this time for violating Martin's civil rights. This tells me that blacks believe them to be the only people in the US to have civil rights. Yeah I know one's the federal system and one's the state's system but both answer to the SCOTUS which means they're under one system. The feds have to first prove Zimmerman shot Martin because he was black, which they can't. They would have to retry him to prove it wasn't self defense and that's double jeopardy, which upon reflection, doesn't mean anything to the black community. Where else can a man who owes almost $4.6 million in back taxes to the state and IRS walk around stirring up the racial pot and not be prosecuted? Ain't that right Rev Sharpton?"


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