Friday, June 7, 2013

Drones in Idaho?...

you betcha!

From Rural Revolution: 
4 pm, Thursday afternoon, June 6. I was out in the garden when I heard the sound of a low-flying aircraft.

This is nothing unusual. We have a neighbor who's a pilot and has been known to circle around the neighborhood. We usually wave to him.

But the sound of this aircraft, for whatever reason, made me look up... and then my jaw dropped. My sunhat fell off as I craned my neck skyward. It was a DRONE. An honest-to-goodness drone, with an unmistakeable profile. It flew straight over me, directly south-to-north, and disappeared over the horizon. read the rest
Since Rural Revolution's Patrice Lewis lives a short ways south of me, the drone was headed directly toward us.  I better be more diligent about looking about if I decide to take a whiz on my property (it's occasionally a long walk back to the house when I'm working outside.)

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