Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Mark Levin and a rant: I'm sick of people attacking Medicare and Social Security...

when this government wastes trillions of dollars on nonsense.

Allow me to repeat:

 I (unfortunately) am on Medicare.   I did not have a choice.  And neither did a bunch of other seniors.

We did not ask for this.  We were forced.  We paid in an entire lifetime of funds, as did our employers. Now they call this an "entitlement."  Let's make this clear.  It is not an unfunded entitlement.  I paid for it.  And furthermore, it's not, and never has been, "free."  I still pay.   I pay a premium every month and I pay extra for Medicare Advantage.  What part of that is so hard to understand?

Please explain to me why these two programs are the first to be demonized??  I'll tell you why.  Because our government, the one that claims it "cares", spent that money.  The money we all paid in month after month, year after year, is gone.  Gone!

I keep hearing that to fix our economic problems, we have to slash Social Security and Medicare.  How about instead we cut welfare to illegal immigrants, unwed mothers, fake disability claims, aid to foreign countries, subsidies to "green energy, and payouts to unions?"

Postal workers retire with huge pensions.  What did they do to receive that?  They provided poor and over-priced service, that's what.  Notice anyone demonizing them?

Do I think that SS and Medicare should be reformed?  You bet I do!  If my payments to SS for the past 52 years had been wisely invested, I would be a millionaire today. 

Today,  I was having fun cooking lobster tails, and whole lobsters at one of our local grocery store.   I instructed people on how to cook, clean, and serve lobster.  I'm 67 years old and earn way over the minimum wage, because I provide a valuable service.

All you younger whippersnappers who make fun of the little old lady or man who greets you at Wal-Mart, or in my case, serves you lobster, we are the future.  Minimum wage?  We deserve it, and deserve to receive more.  Because we're worth it!!


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