Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Pretend this is a snappy and exciting title to a post that will not be written...

because I'm worn out from looking over the pretend "fiscal cliff."

We fell off that cliff long ago and anyone who doesn't realize this is not paying attention. 

It's all a bunch of crapola.  I refuse to participate.  Instead, I'll spend the day running important errands, working on my yearly plan, returning emails, and doing what I can to prepare for what's coming in the future of this country.

I saw the following comment over at American Thinker and found it to be one of the most concise descriptions of a liberal ever written.  
The Democrats of today are elitists and authoritarians. I have never met a Obamacrat that did not think this way. They are totally convinced of their own superiority. It is part of their personality and psychology. They got there from many different life experiences and believe that they are on this earth to rule and herd the rest of the population to their own advantage. They think they are better educated, smarter, and morally superior. They also think they should be in the ruling class and everyone else should acquiesce because of their self identified natural abilities. They hate everyone that does not think like they do. And they do not think that all are created equal under the law. They are contemptuous, racist, misogynist, regionalist, ageist and ignorant. They hate the very culture that has provided them with advantages which they refuse to acknowledge because it would mean they have to acknowledge their own weakness and shriveled little psyches.

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If you don't think we are in real trouble, watch this: 

H/T Political Brambles

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