Monday, October 1, 2012

I do the research...

so you don't have to. 

You're welcome.

So what is Anti-Monkey Butt powder?

Glad you asked.

I was wandering around The Survivalist Blog one day and Gold Bond Medicated Powder was recommended in one of the posts.  A commenter suggested Anti-Monkey Butt as being waaaaay better because it had calamine instead of menthol.  My local Ace Hardware always has Anti-Monkey Butt by the checkout stands and with a name like that, it's sort of hard to miss.  The price tag of $7.95 was also hard to miss. Ouch!

I confess to being a powder freak.  There isn't a powder on the market I haven't tried - except for Anti-Monkey Butt. 

In my usual careful manner, I started to do a bit of on-line research.  First I found out what monkey butt actually was.

From the Anti-Monkey Butt website:

It's a term used by motorcycle riders to describe the soreness, itching and redness that occurs when you ride and sweat on a motorcycle for hours.  If you have to walk bowlegged like a monkey to prevent your skin from rubbing, you have Monkey Butt!

Only Anti Monkey Butt Powder contains calamine. Some medicated powders have menthol. If your skin is irritated, the menthol will burn, making you uncomfortable.

If you ride a bike or horse, jog, snowmobile, or work outside (or, like me, just like powder)  Anti-Monkey Butt is for you

 All the reviews I read were very, very positive so I decided to part with $7.95 at Ace Hardware.  I was more than happy with the results.  Enough so that I decided to find a better price.

And where did I find the best price (including shipping?)


Price: $4.96 plus something like 85 cents shipping.

It comes in three different formulas - original, lady, and baby.  I've used the original and the baby with equal results.  I understand the "lady" has a bit more lady perfume smell.

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