Monday, October 1, 2012

Everything I was going to say about Archbishop Myers pastoral letter concerning same-sex "marriage"...

Chris Wysocki already said - and we thank him.

From: WyBlog: 

The media is sowing confusion regarding Archbishop Myers' pastoral letter on same-sex marriage
Last week Newark Archbishop John J. Myers issued a pastoral letter to provide us with spiritual guidance on the tendentious issue of same-sex marriage. Sadly too many in the media are framing his letter as "anti-gay", "hateful", or gasp! "electioneering".

Which of course misses his point entirely.

The purpose of his letter is not to decree how we should vote.

The purpose of his letter is to inform the faithful on the consequences of deliberately acting in opposition to Church teaching. Because when you sin, and make no mistake, supporting same-sex marriage (or abortion or contraception) is a sin, you endanger your immortal soul and close the door to eternal life in the Kingdom of God. read the rest

Chris has a link at his site to the Archbishop's letter.  I urge all of you to read it - not just Catholics, as it gives a clear picture of the meaning of marriage in both religious and secular terms.  It's 16 (pdf) pages long, which is a bit longer than the average blog post (no kidding!), so you may want to even print it out and re-read a few times.  

An excellent post from one of the brightest voices on the internet...

Acts of the Apostasy: 

The Trojan Horse Of “Pastoral Care”

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