Thursday, September 27, 2012

Medicare and contraceptives...

let's keep this simple.

The Annual Notice of Changes for 2013 for True Blue Medicare Advantage Plan just hit the mailbox.

Here's just one change:
Diabetes Program and Supplies:

2012 You pay 0% of the cost for Medicare-covered diabetes monitoring supplies.
2013 You pay 10% of the cost for Medicare-covered diabetes monitoring supplies.
I'm not a diabetic so I never paid much attention to what was covered and what wasn't.

Due to Obamacare, seniors with diabetes who have paid into that wretched system their entire lives, and who continue to pay hundreds of dollars per month in premiums, and if working still pay a Medicare tax, will pay a 10% co-pay for their diabetes monitoring supplies.   Got that?

But Obama thinks that the Sandra Flukes of the world should receive birth control pills for "free" with no co-pay and to not do so constitutes a "war on women."  Want to know what's really going on?  The 10% seniors are paying for their diabetes supplies will help pay for all the "free" birth control for the loser women of the world who actually think they're getting something for "free." 

In what world does this make sense?


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