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Son of Scott Walker: Idaho is the next Wisconsin...

and we need everyone's help.

Just as we all pitched in to help Scott Walker in Wisconsin, the next battle will be with the libtards of Idaho trying to repeal the sweeping reforms brought to us by Tom Luna, our education superintendent.

From the Wall Street Journal (June 26, 2011)

Son of Scott Walker 
In Idaho, as in Wisconsin, the teachers unions fight reforms.
It's on. On the Idaho ballot, that is. Come November, Idahoans will vote on three referenda aimed at repealing what may be the nation's most sweeping education reform, including new limits on collective bargaining for teachers. Think of it as the sequel to Wisconsin, where similar reforms led to a similar effort—the attempted recall of Gov. Scott Walker.

At the heart of the political drama in Idaho is the state's superintendent of public instruction, Tom Luna. A glance at Mr. Luna's résumé shows a career businessman who became involved in his local school board and went on to serve in the Bush Education Department before returning to Idaho to run for his present office in 2006. Most refreshing is what's not on Mr. Luna's résumé: a degree in education.  read the rest
Mr. Luna is in Coeur d' Alene for the Summer Institute of The Council of Chief State School Officers, bringing together superintendents and other state education officials from all 57 50 states.  He dropped by our local meeting of the Kootenai County Reagan Republicans yesterday to give us all a heads-up on what's going on - and it ain't pretty.

Already, union thugs from around the country have invaded our lovely little conservative state to cause mayhem, and to disseminate fear and lies about the reforms Mr. Luna has brought to the state of Idaho.   Reforms, I might add, that have the approval of the majority of the citizens of Idaho.  Accompanying these invaders is money - lots of money.

Want to see what Mr. Luna has had deal with?  Sure you do...

Mr. Luna's vandalized pickup truck outside his Nampa home.  Keep it classy libtards

According to Mr. Luna, and verified by the Wall Street Journal article, here's a bit of the plan which is expected to kick into high gear within days.
[...]Now Mr. Luna's opponents have taken a page out of the playbook of Ohio's public-sector unions, which rolled back Gov. John Kasich's collective-bargaining law via a ballot measure last November. The Idaho PAC leading the repeal has just hired David Williams, a longtime union activist who served as deputy campaign manager for the "We Are Ohio" effort that killed Mr. Kasich's law.

What does this have to do with me - I live in North Carolina, or Florida, or "insert state here?"

This offensive against the school reforms in Idaho has nothing whatsoever to do "with the children."  It is nothing more than unions trying to hold onto their power so they can continue to extort dues from teachers and funnel the money to the Democrats. It's as simple as that.

Our teachers still have the ability for collective bargaining for salary and benefits, but it must be done in a public forum.   According to Mr. Luna, at yesterday's Reagan Republican meeting, recent negotiations have been the most civil and productive since the reforms have passed.  Funny how things change when the light of day shines upon it.

I have great faith in the conservative folks of Idaho to not fall for the deceitful campaign against Mr. Luna and his reforms.  Yet a wise person does not underestimate the enemy, led by left-leaning media outlets.

How can I help?
There will come a day, when your state will be the deer in the headlights as well.  It is up to all patriots to support the forward thinking reformers of each and every state.  Donations for Scott Walker poured into Wisconsin from all corners of the union.   Let's make that happen in Idaho.

Go to:

Take a few moments to read up on the bill that was passed that the unions want to repeal.

and then:

The citizens of Idaho thank you. 

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