Friday, July 13, 2012

Beautiful hot naked ladies...

do it right!

Okay, maybe they're not naked, but they sure do a great job of fisking the news - and we thank them!

Maggie's Notebook:   Judge Napolitano: House ObamaCare Repeal Has Real Teeth – Unconstitutional Health Exchanges

Fuzzy Logic:   Open Letter to President Obama: This Nation Simply Doesn’t Deserve You

Nice Deb:   The Emperor-in-Chief Does it Again: Guts Welfare Reform – Romney Decries “Completely Misdirected.” Move

Lynn's Little Nest:   BO can’t tell a “good story”

MOTUS:  The Grimm Barry Tales

McNorman:   Has This Guy Lost His Marbles Or What? 

Lonely Conservative:   The DISCLOSE Act Isn’t Dead Yet

republican Mother:  I Won't Crack - Will You?

Zilla:    RadioZilla – Updated – Audio Recording of the Show Now Available!
(listen to Zilla on the DaTechGuy's radio show)

Always On Watch:   Obama Tax Increase

And So It Goes In Shreveport:   A New Underground Railroad

Pundette:  Obama, Term 2: Even more inspiring!

Backyard Conservative:   Next O Campaign Venue: Spanky's Clubhouse

Bread Upon the Waters:   The New Party's Offspring Political Party -- Alive and Well

Michelle Malkin:   Obama’s Interior Department still going rogue


Did you know that Red, over at Caught Him With a Corndog is back??  Well, she is...

Whew!  That's a bunch of feminine fire power! 

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