Saturday, June 16, 2012

Stocking up the freezer with tri-tip steaks...

a how to guide.

We buy our whole tri-tips from Costco and cut them up ourselves.  Even though the price has skyrocketed to about $5.00 per pound, it's still a more economical plan than grocery store steaks (which are not as good as Costco.)

The package I bought a few days ago had five smallish tri-tips, indicating a younger and more tender source.

Cut your steaks against the grain.  It's easy to remember on a tri-tip - just start at the pointy end.  I cut them fairly thick.

The little end pieces go in a separate bag to be used for kebobs.

This was the total amount of waste.

Put the steaks on cookie sheets or pans (except for the two honkers you hold back for dinner.) .  I line the pans with foil and spray with Pam.  Throw some plastic wrap or foil on top of the steaks and put in the freezer.

One of three pans of steaks ready for the freezer

After they are frozen, vacuum seal them in packages of whatever number you prefer and pop them back in the freezer.  I've had vacuum sealed steaks that were 8 months old that tasted as fresh as brand new.

 Voila!  Beautiful thick cut steaks for about $3.00 less per pound than the grocery store.

One of two piles of steaks all vacuumed and ready for the freezer.  The honkers we had for dinner were luscious...

Having a big party?  Throw a whole tri-tip on the grill and slice.

More about tri-tips and some recipes

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