Saturday, June 16, 2012

A banner delivery day...

riches have arrived.

Weed Impede is the best pre-emergent herbicide product on the market.  Unlike Preen, which is granular, Weed Impede is a liquid you mix with water and spray on the soil.  Fast and efficient.  I use it on all my daylily beds, the gravel drive way and walkways, and anywhere I won't be planting seeds.

It is, however, expensive.  But I found this 32oz size on Amazon for $31.95 + shipping. Total was $36.69.   Shipping was fast (4 days) and the price is the best I've ever found.

Also arriving today is my favorite pen which is geting increasingly hard to find in the stores. The Pilot P-500 has an .05 tip (very fine) that writes like butter, doesn't bleed on the paper (I HATE gel pens that bleed),  and seems to last forever - even if you leave the cap off. 

 I had them on my wish list at $12.00 and some odd change plus shipping for a box of 12.  Amazon emailed me last week to say they had been marked down to $7.75.  That brought the total cost to $12.74.  Couldn't pass that up.

Fast shipping (4 days) and great price. And now they've been further reduced to $7.00. Sooooo, if you like a fine tipped pen that writes well and doesn't bleed, click on the link and jump on this hot deal!

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