Tuesday, March 13, 2012

You can't legislate morality...

you most certainly can.

From Teresamerica:

Are Law and Morality Inextricably Linked?

I recently had a back-and-forth conversation with a fellow conservative blogger who claimed that you cannot legislate morality.  This is untrue.  Laws legislate morality all the time.  If the law didn't legislate morality then we as a society would permit such crimes as murder, theft, sexual harassment, rape, sexual assault, prostitution, and speeding and as a result there would be complete chaos.  The law and morality are inextricably linked.  It is impossible to remove morality from the law.  Laws help to form our moral compass. In addition, these laws help to change hearts, minds, and souls. read the rest

In case you missed it:

You can't legislate morality...

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