Monday, February 6, 2012

Want to see how a typical leftie talks?...

sure you do.

It seems "Mark" ( didn't like me showing a video of Michelle Obama on the Ellen show.

Asterisks are mine for obvious reasons:
How are yous so f**king crazy? Go stick a huge c**k up your a** and relax some.
and a few minutes later:
Have you put that c**k up your a** yet? Perhaps take a Xanax or two? :)

How about what Norman Boyd has to say:
Dear Adrienne, Never in your "constipated Schoolmarm" life will you achieve one-tenth of the charm or one percent of the accomplishments of this Lady. You are an embarrassment to the Catholic Church and to Americans in general.
Want to see what the charming and accomplished Mr. Boyd said on his Facebook page about Rick Santorum?
"How does a Christian marriage, producing far too many ignorant little bigots-in-training benefit society? And who told this idiot he was the interpreter of what God intended?"

Attacking Mr. Santorum's children?   Keep it classy, Mr Leftie. And doesn't your New Age Unity church preach love?  Hmmmmmmmmmmmm

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