Saturday, February 4, 2012

Michelle Obama reaches new heights in demeaning and be-clowning the office of first lady...

and we don't thank her.

Have you ever, ever seen a previous first lady, or for that matter, any first lady in any developed country behaving like this?  Michelle Obama pays a visit to a silly afternoon show wearing skin-tight black pants and a skanky black shiny jacket, wherein she proceeds to hoochi-coochie with the host.  In the process she squirms, shimmies, and thrusts her lady parts in the face of the viewing public.  It's not pretty and it's making us the laughing stock of the world.

Has this woman ever heard the word decorum?  Message for Michelle:  The second part of your title (which you only have by virtue of a sham marriage to the grifter-in-chief) is LADY!  Try acting like one.

H/T  Weasel Zippers for the video

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