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Separating "social" issues from economics is just plain stupid...

but no one ever accused a lefty of being a deep thinker.

Anyone who thinks our great sexual awakening has not resulted in huge economic problems is either a liar or a fool.  Let's just take an example of what's going on in my town.  We seem to be experiencing an epidemic of teen pregnancies.  I don't mean a few, I mean a HUGE outbreak starting with girls who have been sexually active since 13 or possibly earlier.  Are they unwed mothers because they don't have access to birth control?  That would be a resounding "no."  Each and everyone of these girls had procured birth control from Planned Parenthood. So why are they all so anxious to become unwed mothers?

The first thing to mention is the attitude that the "father" is not a necessary part of the whole process.  These girls have, in most cases, rendered his part as no more than a sperm donor and he is cast aside.  Almost all of these pregnancies were deliberate.  Those that weren't proves the point that access to birth control is not a good way to prevent pregnancy.

The second thing I've noticed is the attention these girls receive as a result of their decision.  Allow me to say that choosing life over abortion is preferable, but the fact remains that they have become a burden on their families, on the tax-payer subsidized school system  (we have several "alternative" schools plus online school to accommodate these pregnant girls), and on society in general.

The prevailing wisdom tells us that if you subsidize something, either with money or favorable attention, you get a whole lot more of it.  It is almost laughable to hear a 14 or 15 year old girl describe herself as a "stay-at-home mommy."  Exactly whose home is she living in and who's footing the bill? 

They hang out together, throw lavish baby showers for each other, and have professional photos taken to post on their Facebook pages.  Their mothers and grandmothers log on to praise their bare-belly photos and tell them how cute they are.  No one seems the least bit concerned that they have deliberately gotten pregnant.

Now, before anyone get their shorts in a knot thinking I advocate branding them with a scarlet "A", please disabuse yourself of that notion post haste.  The issue that is disturbing is the complete lack of shame for having an illegitimate child.  It is the normalcy of this behavior that makes one sit back and say; whoa.

On to the economics of this phenomenon.  The majority of these girls had their babies in nice hospitals paid for by Medicaid.  Even though they live with their parents, they still receive food stamps, welfare, and continuing Medicaid coverage for both themselves and their offspring.  Think that's not a drag on the taxpayers?

 Any future job prospects for these girls is dismal.  In most cases, their education is essentially over.  They may or may not get a high school degree through an alternative school, but the chances for most of them receiving continuing education are slim. 

Let's not forget that all this sexual activity with these young people is providing fertile ground for outbreaks of STD's.  And the other question is:  If I've easily discovered 30 or 40 teen mothers, how many others availed themselves of the major product of Planned Parenthood - abortion?

I've waited to link to the fine article from Hack Wilson until the work week started so it would get the attention it deserves, and I thank him for the work he put in to bring the truth of the situation to us.

From: Hack Wilson:

More on sex, morals, and the culture war against social conservatives.

Because the empty Democrats and libertarians keep making this an issue I feel compelled to write more on this subject because there really is a culture war going on in this country.

I ranted a few days ago in defense of Rick Santorum (who isn't my favorite candidate by the way) against the constant attacks on his morals from the "if it feels good do it" leftists. Instead of ranting in this post I will provide some facts regarding left wing social thought and what the sexual revolution and feminist movements have done to a America. Since 1960, there has been a fundamental shift in social behavior, thought, and morals.

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Another H/T to Hack Wilson for this interview with Jeff Kuhner from 2009 that is just as relevant today as it was 3 years ago. 

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