Thursday, February 16, 2012

It's not about church vs state...

it's about forcing any company to provide anything for "free."

If contraception should be "free" based on it being "preventative medicine", why am I paying for toothpaste? 

Don't let the left frame the argument as some sort of "Catholic" issue.  It's not and never really has been.  The bishops are fighting the battle on the grounds of religious freedom when they should be arguing against statism and unconstitutional mandates.

Anyone who believes Santorum is some sort of nutcase who wants to ban birth control is not paying attention.  He, like most Catholics, understands the dangers inherent in birth control, and is not afraid to express this when directly askedAnyone who wants to find out what those dangers are can, in this wonderful age of the internet, do their own research rather than parrot someone else's ill informed talking points.

The direct questions are going to continue, and the loony left will continue to hammer him on this issue until they have every woman in this country thinking he hates them and wants them barefoot and pregnant.  And it's working quite well.  Even so-called conservative women are picking up on this meme without doing the most rudimentary of research into what he has said and not said.

Here's the deal ladies and gents.  Want to use birth control?  Go right ahead, but don't expect Santorum, or anyone else who has studied the subject, to say something that isn't true about the glories of birth control.  And don't expect it to be "free." 

Peter Schiff nails it again. The economics and insanity of "free" birth control.


Nice Deb:   Video: That’s It – No More Public Funding for Planned Parenthood! 
This is shocking and disgusting

Camp of the Saints:   Keep Your Eyes On The Prize

and earns the coveted Quote of the Day
We, the defenders of Western Civilization, do ourselves no good by letting ourselves get bogged down in just a ‘facet’ of the war we are waging. The Left wants us to concentrate on only one front in a world-wide war, to develop tunnel vision, so that we will concentrate all of our forces in one area while they run rampant in all the others.
Also: the Left wants nothing more than to make this ‘a Catholic thing’ because it will discourage many to take up the fight who feel that this battle does not concern them and because it will discourage those who fear Papism from realizing they have a stake in this battle.
First, they came for The Catholics…
Keep your eyes on the Leftist Prize: they want us to be beholden to them for all of our rights, to stop believing that we are endowed by The Creator with certain inalienable rights.  read the entire post.  It's excellent.

Want something for "free?"  Here ya go...

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