Sunday, February 5, 2012

Obama sticks his nose in the Super Bowl festivities...


Obama is having a sit-down with that over-paid talentless lefty sycophant Matt Lauer today. 

Why in hell doesn't that text book case of malignant narcissism just stay the hell in the White House and STFU?  Must we be "treated" to his class warfare and blame game on the day of the Super Bowl?  He'll be sporting shirt sleeves to prove he's just one of the common folk, just like his wife tried to do on the Ellen show by acting like a skanky hormonal teenager, making us the laughing stock of the entire world.  Guess what, you slob?  You're the President of the United States.  Act like one and put a jacket on!

Message to Obama:

Have your highly paid staff cook you up some junk food, pour yourself a brew, and stay the hell out of our living rooms.  All you've done for over 3 years is spend our money on nonsense, fly around the country on our dime campaigning so you can continue to destroy our country, and play golf.  You don't even make a pretense anymore of actually doing the job you were hired to do. 

For 3 years, we've had to endure you calling us "bitter-clingers", lazy, racist, and stupid.  And now you want to ruin our day by inserting politics into a game

I have some important information for you:  We are sick to death of your rambling hate speech.  We don't want to see you today (or any other day, for that matter.)

I think we should have a nationwide boycott on this fool.  When he comes on, leave the room, refill your glass, and eat a few stuffed jalapenos.  Come back when he's gone.


Hot Air:  Open thread: Sunday morning — and afternoon — talking heads; Update: Obama interview at 4:30

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