Saturday, February 11, 2012

Michelle Obama speaks at Northland Church in Longwood, Florida...

insists she's not an angry black woman.

She has the unmitigated gall to stand in a church and say this?:
“Think for a moment about the scripture that tells us that your bodies are temples given to you by God. That is a core teaching of so many of our faiths – a teaching that calls us to honor and nourish the bodies we’ve been blessed with, and to help others do the same.”
 Temples given to us by God, Mooch?  Now exactly how does ripping a baby limb from limb in this aforementioned "temple" fit in?

Or to say the following while this administration, led by her disgusting husband, assaults the religious freedoms of Americans?
“Our faith communities don’t tend only to folks’ spiritual health but to their emotional and their physical health as well,”
She needs to go back to DC and quit spending our money to fly around the country and insult our intelligence. 

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