Wednesday, February 8, 2012

It's time for the Catholic bishops to make public statements about Sebelius, Pelosi...

and all the rest of the rogue "Catholic" politicians who continue to call themselves Catholic while defying the teachings of the Church. 

To not do so is doing great harm to their credibility. 

Courageously Catholic in the public square
By Judie Brown
There is something intriguing and, at the same time, troubling about the upheaval being created by the Obama administration's dictate regarding religious institutions and the right of conscience. The problem is not so much what Obama has done, but what Catholics are confronted with as a result. Let me be clear. The various bishops who have made statements in opposition to what Obama has done are to be commended. They have decried the arrogance of an administration that literally wants to spit in the face of Christ and His Church.
Cardinal-designate Timothy Dolan, for example, says that the Obama administration has revoked the religious freedom of groups that do not regard women's fertility as a "disease." Indeed, this is true.

But when you peel away the layers of righteous indignation, we find a gruesome layer of facts that is being covered over and is not likely to be exposed by the very bishops who are uttering powerful words in defense of conscience. The bishops, as a body of religious leaders, consistently fail to act on their own words — and that will be the downfall of their recent pontificating.  read the rest


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