Monday, January 2, 2012

This whole election process is really starting to grate...

on what's left of my nerves.

What's going to happen is going to happen and I can't peruse one more poll.  Who the heck is polled anyway?  Nobody ever asked me to answer any poll questions.  How about you?  I think it's just a bunch of made up malarkey to keep everyone riled up and nervous....or a possible distraction from what's really going on behind the scenes.

I think ol' Mitt has been hand-picked to be the nominee and no amount of squealing is going to change the outcome.  And you know what?  It really makes no difference which of the possible nominees is elected in November.  It only matters that he/she is elected and we have control of the congress.  

The two important outcomes from running Obama out of Washington need to absolutely be the repeal of Obamacare, and securing the border.  After the repeal of Obamacare is accomplished, we can start to make the real and fairly simple changes to our health insurance system, such as:
  1. Allow real competition in the insurance business by allowing health insurance to be sold across state lines. 
  2. Separate insurance from employment.  Your health insurance should belong to you and not be some perk of your job. Why should a manufacturer of widgets spend tens of thousands of dollars per year dealing with your health insurance?  How about he save that money and pay you a higher wage?
  3. A return to the concept of lower cost catastrophic policies.  Have a hangnail or the sniffles?  Pay for your appointment, hopefully at low cost clinics that will spring up.
  4. Tort reform, tort reform, tort reform.
  5. Remove the needless and burdensome mandates imposed by the government.
Sound too simplistic?  It's not.  Learn what the insurance actuaries already know.  For instance, the chances of your child having an expensive disease are almost nil.  But you pay hundreds of dollars per month "just in case", and brag that when your child is treated for a cold it's "free."  No, its not "free."   It costs you a lot of money every month to pay for a couple of appointments per year that should have set you back no more than hundred dollars, or perhaps nothing at all if you'd simply called your mom and asked her what to do.  But, but, but, you say - what if my child were to get some really awful disease?  That's exactly what the catastrophic policy is for.  It's to cover you if a catastrophe happens.

Now you're thinking the insurance company is pocketing all this extra money.  Well, no they're not.  They're paying for the mandates the governments impose on the insurance companies.  Explain to me why in hell the government is telling a private company what they can sell?  So those hundreds of dollars are going to pay for things such as gastric bypass surgeries, penile implants, in vitro fertilization, and any number of things that you don't need or want for someone you don't know or care about.  Make sense? 

Those mandates mean that if you are in a state such as Minnesota, with somewhere around sixty-three mandates, your insurance costs will be much higher.  Want a bare-bones catastrophic policy?  Too bad!  You'll take what the government said you must take, no never mind that you don't want any of what is being served up in their carp sandwich.

The very people who demand all these mandates become the very people that complain about robber baron insurance companies.  But no one ever accused a liberal/progressive/socialist of thinking things through. 

How about securing the border?

Do I really need to explain this to my readers?  Of course not...

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