Monday, January 30, 2012

Reaganite Republican is mad as hell...

and he's not going to take it anymore.

THIS IS WAR: If They Succeed in Forcing a Romney Nomination On Us, The Republican Establishment Must Be Destroyed 

A month ago -when the Republican primary contest began to get ugly- it already seemed intra-party chasms that developed over this cycle would be taking some time to heal. We all still assumed that 'anybody but Obama' would get us together in the end, though...yet no longer:  there's simply no dealing with the self-serving syndicate that's re-written history and gang-raped Newt Gingrich just to stick us with some fake conservative scumbag. The TEA Party movement is on the verge of extinction if we fail to go on the offensive- and I mean now.

With Romney riding a Florida surge brought about by a widespread RNC/MSM/Drudge/Coulter conspiracy against Newt, the damage is done... Mr Magic Underpants is suddenly pulling-away: apparently the ruinous (to the GOP) assault on Gingrich has succeeded in swaying just enough pudding-heads down there to hand him victory tomorrow, and thus sending fake conservative Romney along towards his long-planned coronation.  read the rest

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