Sunday, January 29, 2012

Duluth, Minnesota - home to white racists...

according to Duluth mayor Don Ness.

The taxpayers of Duluth, 90% of whom are white, are having their tax dollars used to tell them what horrible, racist people they are.  Does this make sense?

Have I ever mentioned the state bird of Minnesota is the loon?  Well, it is.

(Not directed at any of the few conservatives that reside in Minnesota.)

H/T Moonbattery

I used to love to visit Duluth when I was wee lass.  It always reminded me of a tiny San Francisco.  The aerial bridge and the drawbridge held a particular fascination for me.

My grandma came from Duluth and actually lived at the Monastery of St. Scholastica.  She left at age 16 to become one of the first telephone operators in St. Paul. 

This is a picture of my grandma at the bridge on a visit with her daughters in approximately 1917.  My mom is the little one and the other little girl is my aunt.  Somewhere I have pic of my mom and myself standing in the same spot.  Don't you love the clothes?

Click to embiggun the photos

This is a picture of the bridge in 1905

and this one from 1907

Duluth 1910

Pictures of Duluth from  Many more fascinating pictures there.  Warning:  It could turn into a HUGE time sink.  I already found a picture of one of the cabins dated 1955 where we vacationed at Stone Gate Lodge outside of Paynesville, MN.

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