Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Minnesota Moonbat Muslim Keith Ellison wants to lower voting age to 16...

really?  Really??
"Why shouldn't 16-year-old vote?" Ellison tweeted last week, according to Minnesota's Fridley Patch. "They can drive. Some have jobs. Let's empower our youth."
How about this, Keith.  Let's put the voting age back to 21 except for active duty service men and women.  Part of the problem in this country can be attributed to uninformed, uneducated, and functionally illiterate voters.  While I'll admit that the difference between 18 and 21 is not huge, it would be a start.  Might I remind you that young people and blacks put our current disaster of a president in the White House (interspersed with the out-of-touch radical commie Marxist types that you find in universities.  Oh wait, they're teaching the kids.  What could go wrong?)

Check out:

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compiled by Doug Ross (hoo ha - he did a masterful job - and we thank him,)

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