Tuesday, January 31, 2012

How about 4 more years of Obama?...

it will happen if the GOP keeps doing what it's doing.  Guaranteed!

I really don't care who is the Republican nominee, but I would strongly prefer it not be Romney.  Most people agree with me.

Today Stacy McCain chided the Perry supporters and repeated his earlier statement that Perry sucked up oxygen and money from Santorum.

Well, who's sucking up oxygen now? 

Michelle Malkin has thrown her support behind Santorum.  I understand her reasons.  I like Santorum, too.  But I also believe that he is not going to be the nominee.  Neither is Ron Paul.

I believe Dan Riehl gets it. Read: 

Understanding The Current Primary

Palin gets it. And Jeffrey Lord gets it.  Thanks to Dan for linking to the Lord article and you may want to make it your required reading today.

Newt Battles Mush From the Wimps

The path we are following is going to guarantee a Mitt nomination, which in turn will probably guarantee another four years of the destructive policies of the Obama administration and a cementing of Obamacare.

We have fallen into the trap of thinking that the next president must be a "savior."   Newsflash: that job has been taken.  The past few months have seen people jump from candidate to candidate with almost pathological zeal. First it was Cain, and after the establishment destroyed him, they jumped to someone else.  At least the Paul supporters are consistently for Paul.

The best we can hope for is someone, imperfect as he may be, that will beat Obama.  It isn't going to be Santorum or Paul.  Your choice really is between Newt and Mitt.  So all you folks that hate Newt and want Santorum or Paul?  Hopefully, you'll manage to hold your nose and vote for someone you're not crazy about.  I plan to do that if I have to vote for Romney and pray that we will be able to assert some sort of control over him if he were to be elected.  Sitting at home on your sofa and crossing your arms is not an option.

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