Monday, January 16, 2012

Feeling discouraged about blogging?...

this might help.

31 Unexpected Perks of Blogging You’ll Never Want to Give Up
You’ve got it! You’re officially a Have in a world of Have-nots!
What do you have? It’s probably not money, fame, or tax-write-offs disguised as corporate jets. It’s something more powerful.
You have a blog. And a darn fine one at that.

If you’ve said before that you’ll never give up blogging—surprise! You’re probably right!
Giving up a good thing is next-to-impossible. So it’s not a surprise to discover that blogging isn’t the sort of thing you just stop doing. In fact, anyone would be hard-pressed to give up blogging once they’ve discovered just how rewarding it can be.  read the rest

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