Friday, December 30, 2011

Would Bachmann actually do this?...

I believe she would.

From the Washington Times:

BACHMANN: Little time to save America
First focus will be economy, then national security and families
I have often been criticized for saying that I could turn around the U.S. economy in just a few short months. That is not blind optimism talking, but rather the realization that the biggest impediment to true economic recovery has been the signal President Obama’s policies have been sending to the key audience for recovery, the job creators. Should I be fortunate enough to be elected by the American people to serve as president of the United States, I will have an ambitious agenda in the first 100 days that will send a signal to our country’s job creators and to the world that the days of socialist policies are over, that our free market is once again open for business and that we will once again lead the world as the true exceptional nation.   read the rest

Unfortunately, as my trip to St. Paul so clearly pointed out, the self-identifying elitist and intellectually incurious people of Minnesota think Michele Bachmann is "stupid" - their favorite word. 

You see for them, anyone who doesn't agree with their "bleeding heart liberal" (I'm quoting a St. Paul shop-keeper) agenda is a racist, homophobic, mean, and very stupid person.

Remember, these are the people that elected Jesse Ventura, Keith Ellison, and Mark Dayton.  Need I say more? 

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