Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Maggie agrees with me...

and I'm honored.

My opinion of the Trump debate.


From Maggie's Notebook:

Trump Debate a Joke? A Reality Show? Beneath Office of President? 
 I don’t think so. Last night on the Fox Panel, Donald Trump was roundly flogged for moderating a debate with GOP Presidential candidates. The complaints were that Trump might still run himself, Trump is not a journalist, a Trump debate is nothing more than a reality show, it’s a joke and beneath the office of the Presidency (that from Ron Paul). Charles Krauthammer joined in and agreed. Karl Rove has expressed similar opinions. Krauthammer, Rove and other elitists need to get over themselves. True Conservative members of any Tea Party can do as well as any “journalist,” and a Trump debate isn’t a reality show until it’s over and the audience decides it is a joke.   read the rest and watch the video

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