Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Say hello to my new follower...

you'll like her.

When a new follower shows up in that cute little box on the sidebar, I usually click on the picture to see if they have a blog.  I figure if they're smart  nice enough to actually follow me, I owe them the courtesy of finding out who they are and if they have a blog.

Imagine my surprise at one of my newest followers, Kincsem, who blogs at Memoirs of the Attention Deficit. 

She's pretty, likes guns, is a trauma nurse in an emergency room, has some insightful comments about nursing school (been there, done that, and can sympathize with what she says), patients in the ER, and Facebook  


Now the only problem is she seems to have a life and really doesn't update her blog often enough.  Maybe we can all rush over there and demand more posts. 

Want to see more?  Of course you do.  Her Flicker page

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