Wednesday, November 16, 2011

The French Revolution...

and a big honking book.

There are so many things to be outraged about (and everyone else is doing a great job of keeping us up to date), that I really have nothing to say.


Who let Jerry Sandusky actually do an interview?  Couldn't his lawyers stop him from putting a noose around his neck?  We live in a culture that is so in love with its own voice that it is incapable of keeping its mouth shut.  Good grief - even the HuffandPuff was a bit aghast:

Jerry Sandusky Interview With Bob Costas Could Haunt Him At Trial

In his new book, Mark Kelly blasts John Boehner for not visiting his wife, Gabrielle Giffords.  Really?  If everyone that Giffords was associated with herded themselves into the hospital to visit, she'd never have a chance to get well.  The Digital Hairshirt puts a much finer point on the subject - and we thank her.

STFU, Mark Kelly, you didn't send me a Christmas card last year . . .


How many people will this offend??

From Weasel Zippers: 

South Carolina Cancer Center Gives Santa Claus The Boot: “We Don’t Want To Offend” Anyone…  Sad!!

 On to the big honking book:

I've read many good books on the French Revolution, but I've never read this one: 

I picked it up at the library yesterday.  It's close to 1000 page long which sort of set my ADD brain abuzz.  There would be no skipping around in this behemoth (typical of ADD'ers) so I almost put it back on the shelf.  Then I whipped out my calculator and figured out how many pages I had to read per day in order to finish it in a month.  Chopping off the notes and references in the back, and ignoring the epilogue brought the page count down to about 850.    I divided that by 30 ( the length of days it's borrowed) and that meant I would have to read 28 pages per day.  But, wait!  I can renew it bringing the days up to 60.  I didn't even have to get that calculator back out to realize I could read 14 pages per day and finish in 60 days.  That seemed more reasonable, since I need time for checking out things on the internet and note taking. 

Life is good...

And I just ordered this from Amazon:

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