Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Pathology is rampant in government run schools...

turning our children into psychopaths one day at a time.

Anyone who thinks the type of "bullying" that goes on is schools today is what we saw or experienced 50 years ago is living in a delusional world.  I've been following many, many middle school and high school kids on Facebook and I routinely interact with them at our local library.  The level of viciousness, both verbal and physical, these kids can rise to is shocking and it is nothing like even 20 years ago, let alone 50 years ago. 

From Pundette:

Fifth-grader's suicide should be a wake-up call for parents 

A 10 year-old Ilinois girl hanged herself earlier this month rather than face more taunting from classmates at her small public school. The school's policy on bullying, devised no doubt by experts, states: "Tell the bully to stop; if that doesn't work, walk away; if that doesn't work, tell a teacher." It utterly failed her. When Ashlynn Conner did tell her teachers she was accused of "tattling." And the bullying continued.  read the rest

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