Friday, November 25, 2011

Battling over birth control...

While wandering around over at Memeorandum, I spied this opinion piece from the New York Times about the heartless nonsense of Catholic bishops not wanting to cover birth control in any insurance coverage provided for their employees.

Two other publications weighed in - The Washington Post and the Washington Monthly.  I had to take a peek at the comments on the second two because the Times article had none. To be expected, they were vile and viciously anti-Catholic.

Let's talk turkey here, since it is the day after Thanksgiving.  This issue really has nothing to do with Catholics, unless you're an economic dummy.  What it does have to do with is mandates.  Government mandates, to be exact. 

Listen carefully now.  Nothing is free.  Every time the government mandates more of something that someone has to provide for "free", someone else is paying for it - and that would be me and you. 

Most Catholics gave up their bitching rights long ago as they contracept at the same rate as the rest of the world.  And the bishops?  They really thought by backing ObamaCare and asking for conscience clauses they would be protected.  How naive can a bunch of guys be?  Never mind.  I seem to be full of stupid questions today. 

So never mind the Church, the bishops, or anything else except the primary issue here which would be:  I don't want to pay for your contraception.  I also don't want to pay for Viagra or any other "life style" drug for anyone, for any reason.  Read my lips - buy your own! Capice? 

For all you people leaving uninformed comments on the above mentioned articles demanding "free" birth control for everyone, think about it when your 71 year old mother doesn't get her aneurysm fixed because it would be a waste of money because of her "advanced" age.  At least you'll be able to rest easy in the knowledge that mom's birth control was "free."

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