Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Best seed sprouter I've ever used...

it's so good I'm getting an extra one (or two)

After the past few attempts at seed sprouting in a jar, I once again went on the hunt for a good seed sprouter.  My quest led me to Amazon and the Easy Sprout.  I purchased it based on the many positive reviews and expected to receive what appeared to be a pretty simple apparatus.  What I got is an engineering marvel.

I've already grown a full crop of mung sprouts and am so impressed I'm buying two more of these cool little gizmos so I can have multiple crops growing at the same time.

Most seeds need no rinsing after their initial soak and if you do rinse it's very simple.  Air circulates down between the outer and inner containers, swoops up through the perforated bottom of the inner container, ensuring fresh sprouts.  There's an insert to pop in if you're doing those tiny little alfalfa or broccoli seeds.

The Sprout People  also sell them and have posted many helpful videos on YouTube on how to use them properly  - and we thank them.   They also carry a HUGE selection of seeds and beans for sprouting as well as great info on their site.

I purchased mine from Amazon and will order two more from them for $12.49 which leaves me .02 shy of free super-saver postage (now you know that pricing is on purpose.)   Trust me - I can find something else to buy.


Abbey's Road said...

Nothing to do with Easy Sprout ... just looked at RR's blog for the first time and got a good laugh at his post today! Glad I clicked on it just for kicks!


Adrienne said...

Abbey - RR (James) is one of the nicest people I know (besides you, of course)

Flyover Pilgrim said...

definitely will click through next payday. My sprouting paraphenalia rarely last more than one season. Maybe this will last.

Adelina DeGallo said...

I have been looking for a Sprouter to get going with the alfalfa seeds I purchased a few weeks ago. Maybe this one is it. Thank you for posting!