Friday, January 2, 2009

Muslim family booted off U.S. airline after more
I'm gazing into my crystal ball and I see what appears to be a lawsuit. Why yes, it is a lawsuit!
Obambi will be "roughing it" at the Hay-Adams where the suites go for as much as $4500.00 per night. This is so his daughters can get started in their new schools. Refresh my memory. Didn't the MSM criticize Sarah Palin for running for office when she had children? Guess that sort of news only runs one way.
AP: Paterson close to picking Caroline
****Just what we need. Another high-profile cafeteria Catholic.


belinda said...

Grievous mistake.

Mark D. said...

As for the airline story, yes, there will be a nice, juicy, big lawsuit, I am sure. I can think of about 7 causes of action for the family just off the top of my head, without even taking a trip to the local law library to do some research.

Dymphna said...

Yeah, they'll be a lawsuit which is probably what this was all about in the first place.

Packrat said...

I agree with the other three, but if the other passengers were complaining the airline employees had no choice.

As to Palin having children - she's a she - women are supposed to stay home and take care of their family. Never mind that Mrs. Obama isn't taking care of her own children either. Yah, the press (and public) never think of things like that.

More snow last night...