Tuesday, September 28, 2021

Kathy Hochul sits on the right hand of God and Michael Matt will lift you up...

 really, Kathy?

Honestly, Jim Jones is jealous of your heretical rant.

Allow me to remind you of something, Kathy. You claim to be Catholic and support "reproductive rights?"

"Abortion access is safe in New York - the rights of those who are seeking abortion services will always be protected here," Governor Hochul said. "This plan will affirm that in our state, and leaders like Senator Gillibrand will fight on a national level. To the women of Texas, I want to say I am with you. Lady Liberty is here to welcome you with open arms." Kathy Hochul 

It doesn't work like you think it does, Kathy.  You are damning yourself to the eternal fires of hell.  Let's be clear here - God does not damn you, you damn yourself.  Do I speak for God? Nope. God is perfectly capable to speak for Himself. 

Is it necessary for me to unpack this blasphemy for you? I didn't think so. The only thing missing from the vomit spewing forth from her mouth is the 800 number to send in your donation - although she might have her staff stationed at the exits to collect money. 

Not one to leave you with nothing to uplift and spur you to action, I bring you the latest from Michael Matt of The Remnant.  This message is for everyone, not just Catholics. 

From The Remnant:

Michael Matt explains how the Build Back Better sabotage of America is directly impacting deliveries and construction work on the new RTV studio project. Lumber, supplies, even food is in short supply all across the country, as some 70 cargo ships off the coast of California are not allowed to unload their cargo.

Michael argues that we’re witnessing the intentionally orchestrated collapse the U.S. economy, which includes wrecking small business (because it provides independence from government), paying Americans not to work, opening the borders and--last but not least--putting a total buffoon in the Oval Office.

If they’re going to “build back better,” our globalist friends first have to destroy everything in this country…including the once greatest healthcare system in the world. If you don’t think this is intentional, you need to watch this video.

Meanwhile, Pope Francis provides the moral authority for the whole sick and twisted project, taking it upon himself to mandate vaccines, encourage the Great Reset, and now condemn Catholic media groups such as EWTN as the “work of the Devil.”

The good news? Resistance is working. From Croatia to Mississippi and from Florida to Romania the people are fighting back. Finally! And Monica Smit got released from prison down in Australia this week, proving that resistance is NOT futile on any level.

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