Monday, September 13, 2021

But, what can I do?...

I'm not here to tell you what to do with the upcoming jab mandates. 

But, I will tell you what I'm going to do.

First, I don't think this whole crazy idea the global commies have cooked up at their last black mass will work.  A huge number of states are already planning lawsuits, and from my meanderings around the local shops the number of people who say they will quit before taking a jab is quite large. But, having been a good and honorable girl scout I believe in being prepared - just in case.

I tend to agree with Jesse Kelley when he tells us if your boss calls you into his office and declares you must get the jab, to not go off half cocked, give the boss the middle finger salute, and storm out.  His advice is to organize, organize, organize.

I don't have a job to lose so I thought hard about what I could do by way of resistance. After talking to a bunch of my employee friends at Wallyworld last week who said they would quit before taking the jab, it occurred to me what my job would be.

Later today I'll head back over to Wallyworld and hunt down my employee friend who has worked there since the store opened in 2002. She's in middle management now and has a lot of respect from the other employees and will quit before taking the jab.  I'm going to drag her off into a corner and tell her if Wallyworld gives them a mandate and timeline for compliance, she should nod her head and say, "Okay." Then she should round up her 10 - 20 most trusted employees who also do not want the jab. After they're organized into a cohesive group, rounding up the rest of the staff will be easy.  They should revisit the store manager and tell him (he's new and a real jerk) to convey to the district manager that just about the entire employee base will be leaving their jobs if this unlawful mandate is enforced.  I will make myself available to assist with the organizing and be the cheer leader. I love organizing and even more I love stirring sh*t!

Right now that store is short by 125 employees.  Can the store operate if another  30, 40, or all the employees walk out? I think unions have a name for that sort of event.  Hmmmmm, let's see - I think they call it a strike. Yeah - a strike.

When I get through organizing Wallyworld, I will start on any other store in Post Falls or Coeur d'Alene that needs my help. 

A Great Idea from Night Wind

From the combox:

Night Wind  • a day ago

Adrienne: I've had an idea I've been floating on various sites---all of these unvaxxed people losing their jobs have skills. I wonder if there's a way to bring them and the other vaxx/mask objectors together to provide services that we're being frozen out of. For example, medical people could open clinics for the unvaxxed. Food, service workers, and truck drivers could network with farmers to deliver goods and services to open markets, etc. What do you think?

What do I think? 


Night elaborates on the whys of this approach in his excellent article Finding Freedom in a Failed State.

It really is not much different from when I lived somewhere else (which will remain unnamed for obvious reasons.) It was a smallish town at that time and it existed with a healthy dose of bartering.  Just about everyone bartered. Doctors, dentists, chiropractors, the local radio station, plumbers, electricians, farmers, hairdressers, restaurants, you name it - they bartered. It was wonderful.

Disclosure: Since this activity is considered an underground economy, and even tax dodging (for shame!) I never, ever participated in any way what-so-ever.  Girl scout honor!!

If you are a working person facing this mandate you need to start your own organizing efforts now. Waiting until the cow patties are slamming into a fan is too late. 

Also, arm yourself with information. This interview with Dr. Christiane Northrup by Nicholas Veniamin is excellent. It's packed full of good information and also the ways to protect yourself and boost your immune system. I've seen Veniamin's name around quite a bit, but have never watched one of his interviews.  He's a dream interviewer who asks a question and then lets his guest talk without interruption.

NB: My editor is a bit under the weather and unavailable. Feel free to add or delete commas at your pleasure. I remain comma challenged in my dotage.  

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