Tuesday, August 24, 2021

What is Afghanistan really about?...

 if you're waiting for me to tell you, please consider therapy since I'm still trying to figure out Vietnam.

Back in the dark days of Vietnam, we didn't have a blizzard of news sources.  Now we suffer with a perpetual snow storm of information with no end in sight. Who to believe?  I think you all know my new mantra of "trust no one." Cynical? You betcha!

Not only did I spend years of my life trying to figure out what our involvement in Vietnam was about (back in those days I even had trouble keeping north and south Vietnam identified as to who was the "bad" guy), but now I've spent years trying to figure out what's up in Afghanistan.

Slowly, I'm starting to see a story emerge which is less than lovely, so I'll just point you to some sources at the end of the post.

Is this emergency in Afghanistan a diversion from the medical tyranny taking place across the globe?  It seems likely.  Since the FDA granted full approval to the Pfizer "vaccine" I expect the mandates to be pushed faster and harder. 

After you've done a bit of research, read Matthew, chapter 24. After you've read Matthew 24, read a good commentary.  


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