Tuesday, April 27, 2021

Tucker Carlson: "There's more work to be done?...



Because we're all a bunch of evil racist demons killing innocent black people willy-nilly.

Got that, you moron? You are evil. You hate black people. You want them all dead.

Okay - not so much.

Are there still people who have their "news" pumped into their craniums by way of the MSM?  Apparently so.

As an addendum to all this insanity, we have the brave Father James Altman of You cannot be Catholic & a Democrat. Period. fame (posted below), with close to a million and a half views, being dumped on by the La Crosse Tribune for daring to tell his parishioners the truth about the vaccine and allowing them to worship as God loving people.  

Following the nasty hit piece in the Tribune, is a disgusting photo-array of people showing off their masks.  In almost all photos, the mask wearer is obese, including Father Altman's weasel bishop.  Being obese is not a good thing if you don't want to be sick...any kind of sick. 

So not only are you a racist pig, you don't care about your fellow humans if you refuse to wear a mask. You may count me among the racist, uncaring dangerous non-mask wearing evil deplorables. 

We should also be demanding the vaccinated to require wearing a badge of "honor" declaring their stupidity.  Why? Because we should stay as far away from those carriers of pestilence as possible.

Obviously, a whole bunch of people didn't take his advice. 

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