Sunday, March 14, 2021

If you watch nothing else this week - WATCH THIS!!!...w/update!!

Dr. Sherri Tenpenny does an outstanding job of explaining the Covid-19 "vaccine."

After you watch it, watch it again. Take notes. Look up anything you don't completely understand. And then speak to your friends and neighbors who are considering the death vax. 

Why this is still on YouTube (with over a million views in just days) is beyond my understanding and I don't expect it to be there much longer.  When, not if, they take it down, I'll find another copy and post it.

The diagram takes me back eons ago when I took anatomy and physiology and drew a little cell in my notebook much like the one pictured, except I had to make my cell perfectly round.  A lumpy misshapen cell was just not in my OCD playbook. 

Told you so! Youtube doesn't want you to see the other side of the "vaccine" story.  Ask yourself why.  I don't care what side you're on, all information should be equally accessible. Period!

So here it is from Bitchute. 

After listening to Dr. Tenpenny, listen to that blithering self-serving idiot Fauci, being interviewed by the equally idiotic Chuck Todd, and tell me their backing of globalism makes any sense.  


Natural News: Before COVID, Gates planned social media censorship of vaccine safety advocates with pharma, CDC, media, China and CIA


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