Friday, March 26, 2021

Frankie doggie is in distress and in the hospital...

 so far his blood tests have been okay.

He was staggering around like he suffered a stroke this morning.  I'm picking him up shortly and he's on "bed rest" and some very high end drugs (I'm jealous!).  A radiologist will be reviewing his x-rays in case the vet missed something. He appears to have a very sore neck affecting his motor skills. So --- no stairs, no jumping, and carried as much as possible for at least the next week or so. 

Obviously, I'm not up to posting much - other than I have noticed the recent muzzy shooter has disappeared off the front page. That sure didn't take long.

  And, I took a jaunt around the MSM to see what they had to say about Biden's "press conference." Crickets. Nothing, nada, zip. I actually watched the first 25 minutes or so until I was driven away by boredom. 

I'm sending you over to my friend and self-proclaimed genius (only kidding, Fran), Francis Porretto, to watch a couple of important videos and read all that Fran had to say by way of enhancement.

I'm totally impressed with the young lady who calls herself Good Patriot.  It also shames me that I was such a duffus at that age. Both videos are fairly short (13:00 and 10:45), so skip the cat videos and watch these instead.  

Links to Liberties Torch and the wisdom of Francis Porretto:

The Good Patriot: Part 1, the Shield

The Good Patriot: Part 2, the War this video is of particular importance!!

Now I'm off to pick up our precious Frankie doggie. 

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