Friday, February 5, 2021

The Wuflu is NEVER going away...

trust me.

Listen to flappy hands Psaki tell you masks aren't going away - even if you have that dangerous "vaccine."  

Oh, hell noes, serf! 

 You will be wearing that filthy commie rag on your face forever. At least until you croak from their "vaccine."

I've already mentioned Karl Denninger is not my favorite person to link. However, today his rant on this subject is so righteous, he saves me the time of having to construct my own - and I thank him.

From his post Simply Put: NO:

In other words it will never end.

You heard it from the official mouthpiece of the White House.

They will never drop their mandates and demands. Ever. That is what you heard. If you allow this to continue for as little as one more day both you and your kids are ****ed. President Biden does not care, Fauci does not care, your Governor does not care and your mayor does not care. They've been running bull**** on you continually since last March.

Get that through your thick head right now. Read the rest


A cautionary word to ladies - if you want to be taken seriously, do not flap your hands about while speaking.  

Thank you to my friend, Dave in PB over at The Right Way, for posting this short clip today.  


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